My French Story

Create a story by using 25 French cognates.

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13 Responses to My French Story

  1. Sophie says:

    Madeleine’s big Visit

    It was a pleasant day in Paris. The school bell rang and the cheers of happy students filled the hallways. Classe was finished! It was Decembre and winter break had begun. Madeleine was extra excited because instead of staying home with her famille or visiting her oncle, she was going to the United States then next day. So she quickly bleu jacket and took an autobus to her appartement. Madeleine remembered how her ancetre used to her about the wonders about the americains and their cultures. When she got home her mom had made her favorite diner. So Madeleine had quickly finished it and went to pack her clothes and her favorite chocolats. Once she was finished she went to do her geographie and history homework. Her homework was to imaginer what life would be like without all the fancy technologies. For geography she had to talk about one personne who she thought was the most helpful to make her achieve her goals which was to be a character in a theater play. She loves the musique and the acting that was being done during the play. Madeleine realized that she she had an hour left before she went to bed so she did some art and wrote some poemes. This time she wrote about carottes and bananes. The next morning she woke up and ate cereale. Today she was going to the aeroport. Finally she was going to arriver to the United States. Her dreams o seeing the moderne world was actually happening!!!

  2. Brigitte says:

    The Lonely Banane
    Three years ago, in the month of mai, a chocolat covered banane was lost roaming the streets of Paris. His maman was a modèle who left him a note in his appartement, then fled to the aéroport, to become famous in NYC. Later he received a letter from his oncle that his mother died, by being eaten by a cat.
    He woke up, and fixed himself a bowl of céréale. He then started up his bleu automobile and began to drive to the centre of town, where he worked. He had a job as an électricien, but he really wanted to be an actor at the théâtre. His boss told him to go to the hôtel to fix the wiring in one of the room. He complied, and went to fix the problème.
    There he met an Américain touriste, by the name of Bob. Bob taught a histoire classe at a school in America. Bob also knew how to play musique on the flute. Since Bob was a histoire teacher, he knew that the Statue of Liberté was made in France and wanted to see what Paris looked like. After a while, Bob and the banane great friends. They went out for dîner, and both ordered a salade. When the banane finished his salade, he began to happily munch on a carotte, very happy because of his new friend.

  3. Andre says:

    One day there was a friendly lion who was in to visite the city of Paris. He loved to study and play musique. He played many instruments, but his favorite by far was the bleu saxophone. He played it so well some people consider it to be an art. He came to this city to perform in a huge theatre. He was in a competition with his arch rival, Tigre.
    It was the night of the show, but there was one probleme. Lion could not find his bleu saxophone that everyone would enjoy hearing. He thought that Tigre had stolen it. He soon realized that he was almost late to the theatre.
    He eventually got there by traveling on an autobus. He opened up the door to Tigre’s dressing room and found his bleu saxophone. He quickly grabbed it before Tigre came back. When he got to the centre of the stage he saw his oncle and maman sitting in the stands. It was nice to see his famille there. He started to play. It was the most gorgeous thing that any personne had ever heard. The sound was so moderne but classical at the same time. It was almost like it was out of realite. Tigre was so jealous that he broke all the lights. Luckily, there was an electricien there to fix all the lights in no time at all. After his performance, he gained national fame. He had never been happier in his life.
    Right after the show, he went to diner with his maman and oncle. He had a wonderful diner and went back to his hotel. He packed up his things and took an automobile to the aeroport.
    When he got back home he went right back to his appartement. After a while, in Decembre , he decided to quit musique and become a poete. He loved writing his own feelings and words about how he felt better than just playing notes that are on a page. He did this for the rest of his life and he was very content doing it.
    The End

  4. Gabrielle says:

    Arriving in France

    In décembre to a visite to France, I arriver from the aéroport in the afternoon, and an autobus arrived to drop me off at the hôtel. On the way, I saw a famille playing musique on the side of the road and saw a bleu automobile next to a moderne theather. There was also a national liberté statue of a famous poéte who wrote about an armée in war, next to a lion and tigre in the centre of the city. When I arriver at the hôtel, there was a probléme. Nobody could understand me because I was an américain, a different nationalité and spoke english. So there was a personne there that spoke french and english to translate. After I settled in, I had a salade for dîner and went to sleep from a tiring day.

  5. Leon says:

    My French Story

    There was this man who was charmant. He loved musique, art, and automobiles. One day he went to visite his oncle a personne was a poete and an ancetre to him. His oncle was very timide, but he was a great imaginer and electricien. He owned a lion, hotel, and a hopital. The man liked his maman, chocolat, and the theatre. The man arrivered to his oncle’s house and ate diner which was salade. The man came home with his favorite chocolat and ate a banane. He later then went to sleep.

  6. Divyaa says:

    My Story

    Once upon a time there was an américaine/ French famille. The famille lived in an appartement. In the famille there was a maman, père, fille, and a fils. The maman’s name was Suzanne. The père’s name was Raymond. The fille’s name was Monique. The fils name was Juilien. One day, in Décembre Monique asked her father “What are we going to do this winter break, winter break is in a few days?” Raymond said “ Hmmm where do you want to go?” He said go look on a map and do some histoire and find out the géographie of the place, and then we will decide were to go.” That day, when the Moreau famille had diner, Monique told everyone about her idea and showed her dad her information. She showed her presentation on a smart board. The Moreau’s found out Monique wanted to go Hawaii or France. Suzanne decided that it was a good idea to take the kids on vacation and when she saw Monique’s presentation she decided go to France. Immediately, Suzanne told Raymond and they booked the tickets. The kids were exited and started packing for the trip.

    It was finally the day to go to France. The Moreau’s took an autobus and then arriver to their destination, the aéroport. When the famille sat down in the airplane, Juilien was drawing the national French flag. Monique was eating chocolat and a carotte. Then she wrote a poème about how she imagined France would look like, she had never been to France before. It took them eight hours to get to France. Monique and Juilien were bored mean while, their parents were watching movies. They finally arrived to France! The kids were so ecstatic and finally getting to see their hometown. Then they got off the airplane and went to their oncule Claude’s house. They unpacked the luggage’s and went to visite the Eiffel Tower. It ‘s huge and amazing, exclaimed Juilien. The Moreau family had a great time so far in France. Then they went to the Louvre art museum. “French art is very detailed and lovely,” said Suzanne. “ Mom why haven’t you ever taken me to France before? I love this place! “said Monique. “Well I’m happy you like France” said Suzanne. The next day began and the Moreau’s went to a museum all about Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, an author of the book Le Petit Prince. Then they took an automobile back to their oncule’s house. They ate salade for lunch and then went to a théâtre to see a play. Monique heard beautiful French musique. When she was watching the play she was hungry, and ate a banane and then ate some céréale. When the play was over they went home and ate dinner. Then they packed and went back to the aéroport, it was time to go back home. The famielle had a great time, especially the kids.

    The Moreau’s arrived home and went to sleep! They were so tiried, from the trip. They all had jetlag since there was a time difference here in America. So winter break was over for both of the kids. Monique told her friends at classe about her amazing trip. They were surprised about all the things she saw. Both Monique and Juilien had a great winter break! If they loved France you would love going to France too. So ask your parents this Winter, Thanksgiving, or Spring break that you want to go to France too!

    By: Divyaa Sarin

  7. Jacques says:

    Ryan was an americain personne who enjoyed musique and preformed at a theatre every Friday with his famille. Ryan’s dream was to become a professional singer. He took a classe took make his voice sound better. One day while riding on a autobus going to diner he went to the restaurant and ordered a salade. But what he did not know was that the salade was poisined to make his voice sound horrible. Ryan did not know this until he preformed at the theatre. He was hoping that he had imaginer this but no he was not. Form this point on all Ryan did was eat banane and chocolat.
    Ryan soon met this charmant girl and whenever he tried to sing to her it came out horrible. This girl was a maman and worked at a hospital. Even though Ryan could not sing his relasionship with Lacy was great. Ryan to propose to Lacy by singing but there was on probleme he could not.
    One day in mai Ryan decided to go pay a visite to one of his ancetre in California. When he arriver his ancetre said to go in the woods and somthing will be waiting for you. So Ryan did go in the woods and as he was waiting a lion and tigre said eat the bleu carotte it will make your voice better and it did.
    One day in decembre he proposed and Lacy said yes. They got married and Ryan got a record deal. All of of Ryan’s dream had became a realite.

  8. Adele says:

    The Terrorist
    One regular, plain old day, a terrorist posing as a normal Americain personne in a normal timide touriste famille came to visite an aéroport in Décembre in New York. This terrorist, had been thrust into this unsuspicious looking famille as their handler. But this famille was no regular moderne famille. They were operating inside the U.S. as part of a terrorist cell.
    When this “famille” came, they were let in as everyone thought they were just another touriste famille coming visite someone. But they had really come to pound out the Americain dream and to utterly destroy liberté. They were going to bomb the aéroport! But only two people knew of this. One was the handler’s handler and the other was somebody from the CIA.
    One of the famille’s maman posed as an électricien and then she placed a bomb inside the building and turned off the security cameras. There was 10 hours to go on the clock and this was a national security probleme! If someone didn’t stop this, it was for certainement that hundreds of people would be going to the hopital in a few hours. And this was a réalité!
    Luckily, there was someone who could stop this. The CIA agent crept inside the building disguised as a modéle in a bleu dress and snuck around and acting charmant, snuck her way to the bomb. She was safe though. The Armée had begun to arriver, and they were waiting and beginning to imaginer what they could do to they could do to the terrorists. The agent then took her badge out and made everyone leave.
    Fortunately, she caught the terrorist famille and sent them to jail.
    But the bomb had 5 minutes until detonation and the CIA agent had to stop the bomb. If she didn’t stop it, the moderne world be destroyed and the agent wouldn’t get her free dîner to the restaurant (which was out of her budget) down the street.
    So the agent took off her sandale and broke the bomb to pieces while wearing a gas mask. Nobody was hurt in the process.
    The world was saved and the terrorists were apprehended! “Long Live America!” the agent cried!
    Then, she went to the restaurant and got a salade.


  9. Whitney says:

    One day Sam and her mom picked her oncle Jordan up from the Aéroport de Paris-Beauvais-Tille. He had been filming a réalité TV show in the United States. He had started filming in mai, and returned in late décembre. He was dressed for spring, not winter.

    After we got Jordan’s luggage, we went to the parking lot to get my aunts’ automobile. We all piled into the automobile and went to diner. Sam’s oncle Jordan kept speaking like he was an Américain. When we got to the restaurant the host personne took us to our table. Everyone placed their order. Sam’s maman ordered a salade.

    “So, how was your visite to the U.S.?” Sam asked her oncle. “It was certainement the best trip in my life. I stayed at a hotel that had a great view and served the best breakfast in town. Every morning I had céréale with a banane. Every night when I came back to my room, there was a piece of chocolat on my pillow.

    I learned all about the histoire of the country. I got to travel around a lot too. I was a real touriste. I went to an art museum and I even saw the Statue of Liberté ! ”

    Sam ‘s maman loved poetry and asked Jordan, “Did you write me a new poème while you were there? ” “Yes, I did! I titled it Timide tigre. I’ll share it with you when we get home. Sam, I also got you a very nice pair of bleu sandales, ” said Jordan. “Bleu is still your favorite color isn’t it ? ” “Yes, thank you uncle Jordan, thank you ! , said Sam.

  10. Claire/Carmen says:

    Once upon atime an américain girl named Claire went with her famille, including her oncle, to France. They left their appartement and drove their automobile to the aéroport. When they arriver, they went to the touriste centre for imformation and money exchange. They rode around Paris in an autobus. They went to an armée museum and an art museum. Claire and her famille also went to a zoo, where they were certainement that they saw a bleu lion and a tigre munching on a carotte, céréal, and a banane. Then they went back to the hôtel where they ate salade for dîner and fancy French chocolat for dessert. All in all, Claire and her famille had an idéal visite.

  11. Marissa says:

    The French Banane and her Egyptian great, great Grandmother!

    There once was a French banane that liked the color bleu and loved to eat a carotte everyday. Her name is Goldy. That same month, which was mai, was the month that Goldy would get to visite the Statue of Liberte. Goldys’ maman wanted to come with her, so that they would be able to go to the hopital. They wanted to see mamans’ greatgrandmother.

    All of a sudden ,when Goldy was driving, a lion jumped out of the bleu, and scared Goldy and her maman. The maman turned on the musique and the lion started dancing like a very strange modele, but there was a big probleme. The musique stopped and the lion roared, making all the windows on the cars in town blow up. maman had an ideal, so she wrote a poeme and pretended to be a poete.

    The lion turned out to actually be a tigre that was “over-grown.” In the news GOldy once heard that on the national histoire channel, that in Egypt there was a translation that give a carotte it would turn into a human again, if it were one, and it said that once every century a charmant lion would give a fruit of a classe chocolat. The lion gave Goldy chocolat. Then Goldy thanked her by drawing art for the female tigre to admire, while eating it’s cereale. The milk had spilled onto the artwork. The tigre became sad, so Goldy gave the tigre a carotte. The tigre became an americain ancetre of Goldy. All along the mamans’ greatgrandmother was an “over-grown” tigre. This is certainement surprised Goldy, for her own greatgarnmother looked almost like herself. The only thing was that she was…………………… wrinkly!

    By Marissa Pyne

  12. Ava says:

    One day there was this electricien who was at an aeroport going to the Bahamas to fix lighting issues to this nice famille. When he arrived to the house it looked like a very moderne house that was huge. He really could imginer living at this house. This little girl named Suzie answered the door and screamed there is some strange personne at the door. Suzie’s maman came to the door and told Suzie that was not a very nice thing to say, next thing you know Suzie is upstairs playing with her sister Mai. Suzie’s maman introduced her self and said her name was Liberte. When he walked into the kitchen it turned out that there was a realite TV show on. While Liberte showed him where the lighting issue was he went right to work. Right next to where he was fixing the lighting issue there was a beautiful piece of art. I was a picture of a fruit bowl including apples, pears, oranges, and banane. While he was done fixing the light he decided to relax and stay in a hotel for a couple of days. He hopped on an autobus and on his way to a hotel. He arrived at the hotel and got a room. While he entered the room he went straight to the bedroom and saw little pieces of chocolat on the bed, he ate those right up. It was about 9:00 at night and he decided to watch a movie about lions. The movie ended at 11:00p.m so he decided to go to bed. He woke up and turned on some soothing musique while he was getting ready. After he was done getting ready he got a call from is oncle. They had a nice and long conversation about him coming over to visite him someday. After his conversation he went to go get breakfast, he got cereale. After he got his cereale he went back to the aeroport to go home. He arrivered home in about three hours. At the aeroport he saw a whole bunch of armee people in a training classe. When he got home he started to miss his visite to the Bahamas. So he decided to write a poeme about his wonderful trip. He had no probleme writing this poeme. This was probably one of the best trips he has ever been on in his whole life.

  13. Suzette says:

    A Day in France
    Patricia is a 10 year old américain. In mai, her famille and she took a plane to an aéroport in Paris, France. They went to France to visite Patricia’s oncle. At her oncle’s appartement, they had a quick breakfast of céréale. Her famille were touristes and went for sightseeing. Their first stop was the charmant Eiffel Tower. Then they went to a museum where Patricia learned the histoire of France and saw a statue of the French armée. At an art gallery they saw French art put up everywhere. Patricia was hungry and they ate a salade with carottes. While eating, bikers from the national Tour de France race zoomed past. The famille walked down to the théâtre where they listened to French musique. Since she was eager to speak the French language, Patricia attended a classe where she learned the basics. Patricia’s maman even stopped at a car show to look at the latest automobile modèles. By now, the famille was starving and so they went to a restaurant for dîner. Patricia ate some delicious banane crepes and had chocolat ice cream for dessert. After this tiring day, they headed straight for the hôtel. There, Patricia wrote a vivid poème about her memorable day in France! Au revoir!

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